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Barton Black
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Director, Internal Audit
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Robert L. Morrison, Jr.
Managing Director
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We've walked in your shoes.....

Strategic Risk Associates (SRA)
is an innovative consulting and advisory firm specializing in the banking industry. Our partners and associates have a strong commitment to customer service and continuous improvement. Our team has the credentials and experience to help solve your issues and build your franchise. We provide fast, efficient, and practical consulting and advisory services to banks throughout the country. SRA's analysis and recommendations will be direct, unequivocal, and unambiguous. Instead of just pointing out problems, we identify solutions to help you manage risk through today's challenging economic climate.

SRA Services
Enterprise Risk Management - Download ERM Presentation
Merger & Acquisition Integration Services
- Download M&A Presentation

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

Stress Testing

Loan Review

Internal Audit Services

Regulatory Management

Strategic & Capital Planning

Credit Risk Management

Finance, Treasury & Accounting
Washington, DC
Stephen Lane, Partner
Tel: 703.447.2576

Albert "Bert" Knotts
Tel: 703.581.9623

Nancy Corsiglia
Managing Director, Finance
Tel: 202.841.2292

Rob Mitchell
Tel: 804.366.1584

Al Palmer
Managing Director
Tel: 469.744.4606

Jeff Puchalski, CFA
Managing Director
Tel: 714.392.99371

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