The Five Lane Highway to Optimize Risk, One of the biggest takeaways from RMA Annual Conference, New Orleans.

November 8, 2019

Spyro Karetsos gave a keynote address to the attendees of RMA’s Annual Risk Management Conference last week. He also gave the opening address at the RMA GCOR conference in Cambridge Massachusetts in April of this year.There are several parallels from both conferences proactive and beneficial approaches to risk optimization, building trust and credibility. Spyro at both conferences spoke of the necessity of actively managing risk appetite in a five lane highway.

What platform is used by Spyro and those that agree with five lane risk management, building trusting, profitable relationships while simultaneously utilizing best risk practices and risk culture? SRA Watchtower. Watchtower incorporates risk management best practices in the industry. We ourselves are bankers and former regulators. No one does what we do, that’s why the best of the best work with us.

The five lane highway approach must replace three lane and dis-aggregated approaches to compiling, monitoring, reporting and acting on risk analysis in both optimization and minimization of risk. The foundational premise of the five lane approach is a firm’s risk appetite statement and the application of that statement to each important category,attribute and indicator that is being monitored, discussed and reported within the firm. As opposed to the current practice of risk management to satisfy regulatory requirements and check boxes, the five lane approach empowers risk professionals to be significant, relevant players, advocating the best interests of the client, the company, co-workers and shareholders. The five lanes allow us to pick lanes for each activity.

Contact: Marc Caccavale – Managing Director,Education/Conferences, Strategic Risk Associates to discuss the platform and complimentary trial with your data. 908.875.3602

Visit our website at to see and understand how and why the five lane approach works and discover why it is paramount today and the future of our industry.



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